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The GazettE have just announced that there will be a world tour! Just like they've promised in interviews recently, like the J-Melo one, they will come to at least a few places near their international fans! :)

From their official homepage:

the GazettE WORLD TOUR13

9/6  Jose Cuervo Salon@Mexico City(MEXICO)
9/8  Teatro Caupolican@Santiago(CHILE)
9/11 Teatro Vorterix@Buenos Aires(ARGENTINA)
9/14 A Seringueira@Sao Paulo(BRAZIL)
9/20 Le Trianon@Paris(FRANCE)
9/22 Le Phare@Toulouse(FRANCE)
9/25 FZW@Dortmund(GERMANY)
9/27 Muffathalle@Munich(GERMANY)
9/29 The Circus@Helsinki(FINLAND)
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SCREW has announced that they're going to release their major debut single Xanadu on Oct 17th! :)
They announced it during the encore at the bday live they held for their guitarist Kazuki on the 5th of August.


Related to Kazuki's bday, Aoi of the GazettE gave him a ring from his favourite jewellery brand TAUJAN. Aoi's spoiling him! :)
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The single was released today!

If you like the GazettE, come join us in [community profile] gazette_fans! :) *shameless pimping*


May. 15th, 2011 02:51 pm
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via http://ameblo.jp/sug-takeru/
Takeru is akways good for some perving. XD
have you watched the new dvd? it's fun. :3
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Hi, I'm new to this community, but I wanted to share something.

I've fixed and fiddled with these subtitle files, for my own pleasure and so that I could find out what Ruki said during the concert, but I also thought that others might be interested in them.

So, if you need/want English subtitles for the GazettE's Tokyo Dome concert, you can find them in this post in [community profile] gazette_fans.
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in honor of three weeks for dreamwidth I dug out an old post of mine and decided to share it. it's of my Gazette sims going to holiday on Twikkii Island. ^^"

gazette on Twikkii Islands! )

mod post

Apr. 23rd, 2010 07:33 pm
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well I thought it would be nice to have one comm for everything in place, since my interests don't stop at the GazettE... I hope I'm not the only one.
please join and post away! :D

I'm no good at creating layouts, so if someone wants to make a jrock-y layout for the community, please comment. ^^"
if there's any questions, comment here.